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FNTSY Sports | July 14, 2014

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FNTSY Fantasy Sports Podcast: 2014 NFL Draft Round 1

On today’s FNTSY Fantasy Sports Podcast, we break down the top fantasy storylines and headlines from the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft. Is this one of the best WR classes in over a decade? We discuss which moves … Read More

Lock: Fantasy Sports App – First Look

One of the first things that impresses you about Lock is the user experience. Perhaps more than any other factor, nailing the user experience will be critical if you’re going to have any success converting the non-fantasy sports fan.Read More

Rivalry Games Fantasy Sports App – First Look

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Much like Lock, Rivalry Games is another mobile-first fantasy service that has recently launched. Rivalry Games does differ quite a bit from Lock and some others, as it offers a more robust and complex fantasy game that skews less toward … Read More

Roger Goodell Is A Fan Of Fantasy Sports

In a recent on-stage conference interview in New York, the NFL Commissioner was asked specifically about fantasy sports and whether it was a key growth component for the National Football League.Read More