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Steamer/Razzball projections are at or near the top with the best projections in baseball. Not the best at our site, that’s easy, they are. They’re the best when people drop nerd science with coefficients and variables and charts and graphs and other shizz I don’t understand. Articles have been done, things have been written, nerds have yelled at their mothers to not bother them right now. Steamer/Razzball projections are great. They were the best free baseball projections last year.

Cincinnati Reds v Houston Astros

FANTASY BASEBALL – Closer Position

We aren’t even two full weeks into the 2015 season and the closer position is already in turmoil. Whether it has been injuries or inability, there are numerous teams that have moved towards a new direction at the end of the game. How does all of the movement impact our rankings? Let’s take a look

CT cubs-pregame23.JPG


For most of you this is non information because you were already expecting it any day now. I remember telling my friend Tom, who happens to be a die hard Cubs fan, that it would certainly be April 17th. After all it’s the first home game after the deadline for another year of team control that had passed. Well whaddya know? With Mike Olt hitting the DL, Mr. Bryant has been called up and will hit 4th for the Cubs today. This isn’t a Yasmany Tomas call up where they sit him upon arrival in the big leagues. If the Cubs wouldn’t have saved a year of team control over Bryant they would have called him up on opening day. That’s how good he is. For those who aren’t aware he was either the #1 or #2 prospect in all of baseball depending on the source, and has immense power. In the minor leagues, Bryant hit 55 home runs in only 181 games played. While the power will immediately translate to the show, so will the strikeouts. Kris had 206 of those in those same 181 games.


Fantasy Football – Pre Draft 2015 RB Ranks Part 2

FNTSY Sports Network’s Pat Mayo and Garion Thorne discuss the bottom half of Mayo’s 2015 top 10 RB ranks. Then, Mayo reveals who he has listed from 11-20. Why is Matt Forte so low? Can you trust DeMarco Murray in Philly?

Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Indians

FANTASY BASEBALL – Weekend SP Streams: Danny Salazar

Garion Thorne gives his top SP stream options for April 18th and 19th with returning strikeout artist Danny Salazar and the surprising Miguel Gonzalez – whose new found reliance on his splitter is leading to some amazing results.


MLB 15: The Show Review feat. Taylor Swift

Does anything meld fantasy and sports together more perfectly than create-a-player in a sports game? MLB 15: The Show has been the leader of the pack for a while now in baseball gaming, and their creation mode seems to get better and better every year. So we decided to put it to the test with an extreme challenge: creating Taylor Swift.

How does MLB 15 respond when you try to create an MLB player who isn’t male? You’ll have to watch this video to find out.


FANTASY BASEBALL – Kris Bryant Value & 3B Rankings

Pat Mayo and Garion Thorne discuss Kris Bryant’s Fantasy baseball value now that he’s been called up to the Cubs. The guys review what the projection models anticipate Bryant will do in the majors and reveal where they rank him at 3B the rest of the season. Mayo and Thorne also discuss the types of trades you should be exploring if you want to cash in on the massive amount of Bryant buzz floating around right now. Plus, who would rather rest of the season: Kris Bryant or Billy Hamilton?

North Texas v Georgia

FANTASY FOOTBALL – 5 Rookies to Make Fantasy Impact Regardless of Where They Go

Everyone is breaking down draft prospects. Here are 5 rookies I like for fantasy purposes regardless of where they get drafted. That means, because of their skill sets, I’ve singled these players out as making a fantasy impact in their first year even if they get drafted by Jacksonville. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen though.


REALITY TV – Ultimate Fighter 21 Fantasy Game: Rules & Scoring

Pat Mayo and Fight Network’s Paul Shaughnessy preview the rules and scoring for the UFC Ultimate Fighter 21 Fantasy game

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FANTASY BASEBALL – Early Season Power, Fact or Fluke?

It goes without saying each of them won’t continue their current pace – 3 homers through 10 games prorates to almost 50 on the season. The question to be answered is did we miss an indicator in our preseason analysis that may lead to the player exceeding initial power expectations or is he simply off to a hot start. This could present a buy-high opportunity. That is, if an owner in your league wants to capitalize on a fast start not realizing it’s more fact than fluke, you can take advantage.


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